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The aim of our club is to give the opportunity to students to give a speech or to debate, thus expressing their thoughts, ideas, and values. And club shall organize several competitions related to public speaking and debates.

This public speaking club aims to give every student an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills. The skill of public speaking is not only a step to achieve success but also a way of self-expression. PCMS “Speak-up” Club is a great platform for the students to speak up and make their voices heard. Our club provides the opportunity for students to choose a topic and prepare a speech. We help them to polish their speeches and overcome the fear of public speaking. Also, we provide the opportunity to give individual speeches. We provide a friendly and very supportive environment for our members to develop and engage in our public speaking activities.

In long run, we offer many different roles to students, such as club ambassador, listener, article writer and editor, photographer, videographer and so on. And also targeted to obtain franchise of toastmaster club. Our club’s mission is to help students to develop their speaking and communication skills and to learn to express themselves in the most effective way.


PCMS “Speak-up” Public Speaking Club invites you, dear students, to give speeches on the framework of the following categories:

  • Life story
  • Head to Head Debate
  • Stand Up Speech
  • Group Discussion Sessions
  • Informative sessions
  • Inspirational and Motivational
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