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Udhyamsil Club provides a forum for students to network and share ideas, promotes an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and helps students cultivate and develop their own ideas. Whether in the context of starting their own business or working for a firm with an entrepreneurial culture, the club endeavors to help students make the most of their time at business school and to equip them for the challenges they face after graduation.

We are committed to providing PCMS students the opportunity to continue learning outside the classroom through speaker events and workshops. Throughout the year, we bring entrepreneurial thought leaders to the Presidency College to speak to students, and we hold skill-building workshops to develop the community’s technical toolkit.

Major activities:

  • Advice for entrepreneurs (regular talk show),
  • Business Plan know how (regular mentor ship session),
  • Creativity, innovation and problem solving cases on marketing,
  • News / ideas sharing sessions
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