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PCMS has been offering Grade 11 & 12 since 2000 A.D. In its true sense, building a strong and value oriented society capable of switching innovative ideas and techniques and equally proficient in managing the resources for holistic development of a nation, is a critical need of the time. The future dream of a country has to be translated substantially and is possible only if its learning minds are concurrently mobilized to grasp knowledge, skills and ideas which must stand instrumental to controlling changing situations in addition to enabling the scholarly minds to tackle with the real life challenges in 21st century. For this giant vision, sound academic institution as a learning platform made efficient for result oriented and productive learning in the field of development as well as resource management is undoubtedly crucial.



  • To provide globally valued academic environment for management studies supported by knowledgeable, skilled and ethically sound human resources availed with most effective modern technology for result oriented education;
  • To motivate students in a caring and conducive learning environment to bring out the best in them;
  • To instill creativity and innovativeness in the students through motivational approaches of personalized nurturing guidance;
  • To make learning and living at the college a wonderfully pleasant experience for all and develop a strong yet tender bond of friendship and fraternity;


Course Composition:

Grade 11

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Nepali
  3. Principles of Accountancy
  4. Computer Science
  5. Economics or Basic Mathematics or Hotel Management

Grade 12

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Principles of Accountancy
  3. Computer Science
  4. Economics or Basic Mathematics or Hotel Management
  5. Business Mathematics or Marketing
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