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The two-year full-time MBA program, spread across four semesters and offering specializations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Operations Management. The structure of the program is designed to give students the best in industry exposure and a nurturing classroom environment, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow, in the specialization of their choice.

Flagship Program for MBA

Besides regular course we offer the following programs exclusively for MBA;

  1. 20-days long orientation program: Extensive classes covering “Certification Course on Practical Accountancy” by Chartered Accountant and “Soft Skill Training and Contemporary Management Practices” by industry veterans are part of this program. And several guest lecture & experience sharing series are included in orientation program.
  2. Industry Talks with MBA: Industry veterans and working managers are called regularly (twice a month) for guest classes, experience sharing, and networking. 
  3. International Student Exchange Program: We offer at least 2 international student exchange events each year. We have an MOU arrangement with 6 universities in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Indonesia. This is optional program where interest students can participate. 
  4. College to Corporate: This is offered during the 4th semester to make the student for industry-ready. Softskills training (Business Communication, leadership, interview skills etc.) are covered. It is 4 days (12 hours) program.
  5. Seminar Series: 7 days long (21 hours) seminar series are organized to offer industry experience and market research among students. Working managers, entrepreneurs, distinguished professors from national and international universities are facilitating the sessions. This is organized once in each semester i.e. 4 times during the MBA program.
  6. Startup Support Program: This is an optional program i.e. offered to those who want to pursue their own startup. We offer this program in collaboration with Antarprerana P. Ltd. For more detail refer PBIC section ( of the website.

Specialization Offered

A focused course structure equips those interested in this field with the skill set needed to understand, interpret, and apply marketing concepts in live corporate scenarios. The students learn the practical applications of marketing principles through case studies, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and research projects.

This specialization is designed to provide students with a strong base in applied financial management. It helps them in sound financial decision-making, providing a deep understanding of the financial aspects of the economy and the corporate world. The quantitative and analytic skills of the students are enhanced in the process.

Total no of Courses – 26

Total Credit Hour – 70

Non-Credit Course for Non-Management Background Students

Non-credit classes are primarily designed to onboard non-management graduates however college has designed 20days of extensive classes covering “Certification Course on Practical Accountancy” by Chartered Accountant and “Soft Skill Training and Contemporary Management Practices” by industry veterans. Students are eligible to attend these classes only after getting admission.

NC-1: Qualitative Skills for Business Studies

NC-2: Accounting Knowledge for Managers

Credit Courses (Download Syllabus)

Semester – I

FO-511: Quantitative Skills for Business Studies

FO-512: Managerial Communications

FO-513: Managerial Economics and Decision Making

FO-514: Legal Environment of Business

CO-515: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills

CO-516: Marketing for Managers

CO-517: Financial Accounting

Semester II

CO-521: Management Accounting

CO-522: Macro Economics and Policy Making

CO-523: Financial Management and Analysis

CO-524: Operations Management

CO-525: Human Resource Management

CO-526: Business Research

SE-521: Seminar Series I

Semester III

CO-531: Management Information System and e-commerce

CO-532: Organization Change and Design

CO-533: Entrepreneurship

SE-531:  Seminar Series II

XX-531: Specialization I and

XX-532: Specialization II

Semester – VI

CA-541: Strategic Management

CA-542: International Business

XX-54x: Specialization III

XX-54x: Specialization IV

XX-54x: Specialization V: Seminar III


Specialization – Finance


  1. Specialization I: FN-531: Financial Theory and Corporate Policy
  2. Specialization II: FN-532: Capital Structure Management

Semester -IV (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: FN-543: Security Analysis and Investment Management


  1. Specialization III: FN-544: Management of Financial Institution
  2. Specialization IV: FN-545: Financial Derivatives and Engineering


  1. Specialization IV: FN-546: International Financial Management
  2. Specialization Seminar: FN-547: Seminar on Finance

Specialization – Marketing


  1. Specialization I: MK-531: Consumer Behavior
  2. Specialization II: MK-532: Marketing Research

Semester-IV (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III. MK-543 Planning and Managing Retail Business


  1. Specialization III: MK-544: Sales and Distribution Management
  2. Specialization IV: MK-545: Services and Industrial Marketing


  1. Specialization IV: MK-546: Advertising Management
  2. Specialization Seminar: MK-547: Seminar on Marketing
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