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Border disorder: A reality check from an alien visitor to the pale blue dot

Border disorder: A reality check from an alien visitor to the pale blue dot


  • Based on inputs of astronauts, this chemist concocted a perfume that smells exactly like outer space
  • Discovery to document SpaceX’s historic astronaut launch
  • NASA chief wants to inspire the next generation with Tom Cruise’s film on space station
  • SpaceX, NASA’s historic spaceflight postponed 17 mins before launch due to bad weather

Friendly border sentries from various countries got together at a military mess to exchange notes over a drink. “Sirji, how’s it going? What’s with those bruises and lacerations on your face and neck? Why the black eye?” the Pakistani ranger asked the Indian soldier, offering him chilli pakoras with hot and sweet ketchup and a smirk.

“Oh nothing really, bhaisaab. Had to tackle some barbarians who ambushed me with wooden clubs wrapped in barbed wire,” the Indian replied, with a withering look at the Chinese guard as he passed the Gobi Manchurian. “But it was easier than tackling a f*&%$#! infiltrated suicide bomber,” he added saltily.

“Oh gee! You shoulda called me, dude! I could have SOLD you some nice mountain warfare equipment, nifty night vision goggles, some cool Drones, and erican Joe, adding, “I could also have issued a statement supporting you and sent an aircraft carrier group for a passex.”

“Yeah, shoulda coulda woulda. But you were too busy guarding against illegal immigrants on your southern border and then deploying against your own people in Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, and DC,” the Indian soldier replied drily. He enviously added, “But at least your northern border is quiet.”

Responded the American: “Are you kidding? Those Canadians keep sending peace, love, brotherhood and all that dangerous stuff. They are in cahoots with Antifa and the Radical Left.

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