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PCMS is pleased to invite you to the conference on “Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Management” scheduled for Feb 3-4, 2022 at Presidency College of Management Sciences. PCMS welcomes research papers both from regional and global scholars. The two-day deliberation looks forward to such disciplinary/interdisciplinary interventions which will interrogate existing critical assumptions, conceptual terms, innovation and management framework.

The main prominent theme of this conference is the role of leadership, entrepreneurship, and business management in sustainable economic development.



Mergers and Acquisitions

New Product Development

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Communication

Operations Research

Product Management

Resource Management

Strategic Management

Stress Management

Supply Chain Management

Systems Management

Total Quality Management


Other areas of Business Management

Emerging trend in business

Banking & finance management

Global marketing, Offline marketing

Internet marketing

E-commerce, E-learning, E-business

Innovative Industries

Leadership Management

Academic Entrepreneurship

Start-up Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Behaviors

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Empowerment

Entrepreneurship, Growth, and


Entrepreneurial finance and venture


Studies of new businesses

Entrepreneurship and gender

Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Family Business

Financing the New Entrepreneurship


Business management

Innovation and Business Management

Business Intelligence

Business Statistics

Business Performance Management

Business Education

Business Ethics

Business Law

Consumer Behavior

Change Management

Communications Management

Corporate Governance

Cost Management

Data Warehouses and Data Mining

Decision Sciences

E-Commerce and Online Marketing

Manufacturing Engineering

Entrepreneurial learning

Entrepreneurship and Regional


Entrepreneurship and Governmental


Entrepreneurship and Intellectual


Entrepreneurial Culture.

Entrepreneurship and Gender

Entrepreneurial Learning

Communities of Practice

Entrepreneurship and Ethnic


Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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