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We conduct college incubation programs for students to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities. Entrepreneurial Mindset Development Program is primarily designed for students under college incubation programs.

Program Content

1. Shaping Ideas Workshop:

The session is based on 3Ps- Passion, Purpose, and Profession. It emphasizes self-reflection linking to exploring problems associated with individual and later finds ways to solve.

We conduct this workshop for all BBA & MBA students as part of their orientation program. It is a 4-day (12 hours) program leading to short demo day (business idea pitching session).  

2. Human-Centric Design (HCD) Workshop:

Human-Centric Design (HCD) is a design and management structure that generates solutions to problems by including human perspective in each step of the problem-solving process. The whole process includes empathizing with your users to understand their context, know about their problems, brainstorming, conceptualizing, defining, developing, validating, and implementing the solution.

We conduct this workshop for all BBA (5th Semester) & MBA (3rd Semester) students as part of their entrepreneurship curriculum. It is a 3-day (9 hours) program leading to market research and short demo day (business idea pitching session).  

3. Business Model Canvas (BMC) Workshop:

Business Model Canvas is strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

We conduct this workshop for all BBA (5th Semester) & MBA (3rd Semester) students as part of their entrepreneurship curriculum. It is a 2-day (6 hours) program leading to intensive group work and short demo day (business idea pitching session).  

4. Business Pitch and Showcase:

Business Pitch is an important business communication tool for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to present their business ideas and project to an investor or a group of investors. Practical techniques are taught to polish the pitch. Later, showcase one’s business ideas are presented to the visitors. This is consolidated program of Shaping Ideas, HCD, and BMC. We include this session after every workshop.

I-Cube Chitwan Programs

Chitwan Incubation is a joint collaboration between the Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd. and Nepal Communitere. The aim of the incubation program is to contribute towards improving the local entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chitwan through a tailored incubation program (I-Cube). The program will include activities with a focus to initiate and nurture startups companies in Chitwan. The incubation program is supported by institutions working on the startup ecosystem in Chitwan including business federations, association, an academic institution among others. The program is supported by Presidency Business Incubation Center – Presidency College in Bharatpur as a knowledge partner.

Antarprerana provides a wide network of mentors, investors, angels, industry, and government partners specializing in supporting startups. The program will undertake a cohort of 10 entrepreneurs and provides a six-month-long business training as part of the incubation. The incubation will help the Startups to sharpen their vision, value proposition, human-centric design, set a key milestone, key performance indicators, and directly test their product with their customers. The major highlight of the incubation is the availability of small-sized seed investment post-Demo Day to scale up their companies.

Download Booklet of I-Cube Chitwan for more information.


Upcoming Programs:

  • Nava Udhyamshala – Chitwan
  • Corporate Training
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