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The Presidency placement cell has been established to ensure all PCMS students to get internships and job placement in good companies in Nepal and abroad. PCMS is highly committed to assist every graduate to become equally competitive as a global citizen. PCMS strongly focuses on overall development of its graduates for their successful career and meaningful life. For the reason, students are exposed to live projects, activities, events, and problems faced by different organizations which help them to understand the market dynamics, role of different stakeholders, impact of each action and problem solving techniques.

  • The placement cell initiates the process of corporate tie-up covering different sectors like : Bank and Financial Institutions, Multinational companies, Manufacturing, trading, different group of companies, hotels, NGOs, INGOs, IT companies and media where students can do their project works and internships so that they get the real exposure throughout the process.
  • The placement cell organizes different activities, events, guest lectures, talk program, workshops and seminars inviting the practitioners, experts and potential employers who can share their experience, need and expectation of the market and some pertinent skill to grow as a successful managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • The placement cell also conducts different trainings like: presentations and writing skill development, calculating and computing skill development and many more which prepares them to tackle with any of the situations.
  • It organizes the career fair every batch inviting some experts, mentors and prospective employers where they will be guided as per the requirement and prepared accordingly.
  • It appoints mentor to the graduates with whom they can consult and discuss about their strength, weaknesses, career aspirations and opportunities.
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