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Presidency Management Research Cell


In a globalized world, the role of research in an academic institution is significant for its sustainability and development, and it is imperative to have knowledge-driven growth based on innovation.

The quest for knowledge is the basic principle behind research. The quality of research work directly translates to the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, thereby benefiting the students, the society and the country. Our education system faces a number of constraints and challenges—quality research is one of them. Barring few prestigious institutes, most display a dismal picture in terms of quality and quantity research. Not many institutes have mandatory research goals for individual faculty, and most do not have adequate systems or infrastructure for quality research.

It is well-accepted that academic research has contributed enormously to find solutions to many problems faced by our society and industries. There have been multiple instances when industries have turned to academics for finding solutions to vital issues. The need for sharing knowledge between research institutions and industry has become increasingly evident. The emerging importance of interdisciplinary fields has given rise to institutional collaborations that allow knowledge to be pooled together. Often, it is industry which is the ultimate beneficiary. Research provides basic inputs that can be used for planning and policy decision-making. Needless to say, academic research is an integral part of global development.

At this juncture, it is pertinent to develop an inbuilt research mechanism in our higher education system. The system needs to commit itself to both research and teaching excellence. In view of the fact that Presidency College has initiated to establish “Presidency Management Research Cell” with the following details.


  1. The purpose of this committee is to provide guidance, support & mentorship to the students and faculty with regard to the research vision and implementation of that vision.
  2. Organize national and international conference on periodic basic,


The Research cell shall:

  • Periodically, develop a strategic plan for research and use this plan as the basis for setting goals for college.
  • Organize national and international research seminar and workshops to expose faculty and students on research works.
  • Period publication of research journals and research articles and support students and faculty to get publish.
  • Determine faculty development priorities related to research and advice regarding relevant continuing professional development to address these priorities.
  • Propose requirements for training, workshops and / or seminar in research and scholarly activity to students and faculty.
  • Establish and update research policies of the college
  • Identify opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with universities, colleges, NGO/INGOs and other possible organizations to create research environment.

Presidency Management Research Cell (PMRC) core team:

Mr. Dolendra Poudel

Head – Research & IQAC

Ujjwal Marahatta

Members – Research Cell

Sushil Bhattarai

Members – Research Cell

Suraj Bhujel

Members – Research Cell

Rajesh Sharma

Members – Research Cell

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